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Brokers Crypto Bookmakers International Regulator (BCBIR) is a non-commercial organization created to regulate the quality of services provided by brokers, dealing centers, bookmakers, as well as the reliability of services provided by participants of the cryptocurrency market: cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchange markets, cryptocurrency cloud mining services and companies, which attract investments through ICO.

The BCBIR’s mission is the provision of traders and investors with maximum security of their transactions on the stock and foreign exchange markets, as well as on the cryptocurrency market. In pursuing its objective, the Regulator employs certification of companies that provide their services on the Forex and BO markets, and on the cryptocurrency markets.

BCBIR is an independent organization and for that reason has no companies providing services to be certified by BCBIR among its founders, which could influence decisions regarding the certification of companies as well as any other decisions.

The decisions made by BCBIR are compulsory for the companies that have obtained the certificate of compliance and should be duly noted by the organizations planning to go through the certification procedure.

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